Coasteering & Snorkeling





Swim, jump and climbing your way around the coast

In this 2 hour session an experienced guide will take you into some of the most beautiful and rarely seen parts of the Hebridean coast. 

This will take you into in large open caves, narrow dark passages and off jumps to traverse the coastline. Each trip will be adjust to suit the group and focuses on their interests. This might mean working up to some big jumps or exploring caves and enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean.      

Price: £45pp (minimum group size 2)

Contact Us or call on +44 7951783444 to arrange a booking. 

Explore the underwater world

The waters around the Hebrides are abundant with marine life. These range from towering kelp forest to microscopic zooplankton. Snorkeling enables you to fly through this environment and experience the vivid colours, quirky animal behaviour and explore parts of the coast that you think you already know.  

During this session a guide will take you round the coast, pointing out interesting wildlife and working on key skills to enable you to move more freely and see the under world through crystal clear goggles. This is the perfect session for anyone interested in the ocean with no or limited experience who is looking to advance their skills and confidence while admiring the wonders of the ocean world.

Price: £45pp (minimum group size 2)

Contact Us or call on +44 7951783444 to arrange a booking. 

*kids groups available on request.




Something else in mind?

Get in touch to design your perfect adventure. Previously we have provided

- Large groups (stag, hen and kids snorkeling parties)

- Trips to isolated islands

- Advanced coasteering

- Multi-day trips to remote islands

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